Playing with Pixels

The last couple of weeks I have been experimenting with pixels, as a different form of art. I was pleasently surprised by the result, the crystallised photographs give not a detailed image but rather evoke a certain feeling. The combination of colours and the composition of those colour on their own are beautiful. Here are a few, I would love to get your opinion.

DSC_2880 pixelate2014-07-31 10.00.22 pixelate2014-07-30 11.52.43-2 pixelate2014-07-23 10.07.06 pixelate2014-07-29 18.20.49 pixelateFoto 13-05-16 12 53 54 pixelate



Two years ago, at the end of our travels through Asia, we stayed in Shangri-La City in close to Tibet. This was one of the most beautiful and scenic places I have ever been to. Besides the intriguing architecture of the carefully detailed temples and homes, the stunning view over the mountains and the daunting changes in weather, the people were extremely welcoming and friendly.

Here is just a couple of impressions of this unique place, if any of you have any questions on our stay or you want to see more, please let me know.




During my gap year I spend 3 months in Cadiz in the South of Spain. I had an amazing time there; learning to speak Spanish, surfing almost every evening and meeting new people. Cadiz, especially the old city, is a beautiful place and there aren’t to many tourists due to the fact that there is no airport very close by. The second month my mum came to visit me there and besides showing her all of Cadiz, we also stayed in Sevilla for a couple of days. In comparison to Cadiz, there were a lot more tourists here, but nevertheless was it a lovely city with beautiful architecture.



Cactus – Cacti, members of the plant family Cactaceae, in the order Caryophyllales.

The ancient Aztects of South America held cactus to be very important and can be found in many of their sculptures and drawings. The national coat of arms of Mexico shows an eagle, a snake, and cactus. Christopher Columbus brought the first cactus to Europe and every year, scientists discover new kinds of cactus.

I have come to love these little plants, and now they are getting more populair, I start to see them everywhere.

So here is an ode to the Cactus –


The Brickhouse


Cactus at Lotusland by Tom Ballinger


Cactus Watercolor Print by Fox Hollow Design


Lauren Conrad – Green Thumb; The Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow In Your Home











Indigo Cactus Watercolor Print